If anyone says they don’t like beer, it just means they have not tried good beer yet – Biržai has converted many non-believers 🙂 The best traditional Lithuanian beer is produced in Birzai region – often in nano-breweries, or say someone’s’ home or a sauna. Since visiting all the breweries in the region is somewhat a mission impossible – we’ve narrowed down the most impressive and noteworthy choices for this tour, showcasing different beer making methodologies and styles. The only constant thing among the breweries we will visit, is the use of the exceptionally peculiar water from Biržai region.

The distinction of this water has formed due to the regional earth surface formation, a particular natural wonder of this region – grave shaped sinkholes. It’s quite irregular to be proud of earth holes, but perhaps it’s fair since Lithuania has zero mountains.

The tour is further filled with stories about beer making, regional peculiarities and colourful history. Followed by an interesting excursion to the famous Birzai castle, a testament to a powerful Lithuanian Radvilos Duke Dynasty.